5 Reasons Why Riot Energy’s Silver-Zinc Flexible Cell is the Ideal Battery for Wearable Devices

With high energy density, flexible form factors, and other benefits, Riot Energy’s batteries solve engineering challenges.
Riot Energy's flexible batteries can enable wearable device innovation, such as smart clothing.

Wearables are considered by many to be the next wave of computing. They are at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT). And as wearable devices increase in popularity, so does the demand for smaller, lighter, and more discreet applications.

Many engineers agree that choosing a battery for their wearable application is often the biggest challenge due to two main reasons:

    1. Designing smaller wearables means less space for a battery. A smaller battery with lower capacity limits what the device can do.
    2. The limited form factors of today’s batteries. Choices are often big and rigid, limiting engineers to design around the battery.

Riot Energy’s silver-zinc flexible cell addresses these concerns with additional benefits that are important for consideration. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider designing our battery into your wearable device:

    1. Superior energy density
      Silver-zinc is a powerful chemistry with high energy density. It supports miniaturization of devices because its energy density at smaller sizes is unparalleled. Riot Energy batteries provide more than 338Wh/L in packages smaller than the collar button of a dress shirt, making it a great choice when an ultra-small battery is necessary.
    2. Flexible form factors
      If you need a battery that can bend, twist, or stretch, then ours is a solution. The beauty of our batteries is that we can create a custom solution designed specifically to fit your application. You don’t have to be limited to a rigid battery that limits your innovation.
    3. Safety
      Silver-zinc is a safe chemistry with no threat of thermal runaway or fire. Not only is this good for the end user, who can wear your device comfortably on their body, but it is also good for product designers. The water-based chemistry eliminates the need for protective circuitry and casing that is required of lithium-ion.
    4. Recyclable
      Many companies are being held accountable for their sustainability practices. Silver-zinc batteries can help you achieve your sustainability goals. They are recyclable and mercury-free, making them an eco-friendly option for wearables.
    5. Hassle-free logistics
      Because silver-zinc is a safe, stable chemistry, there is no need for special training, handling, or packaging. As a dry battery, they also carry no shipping restrictions. OEMs can easily transport our batteries, creating operational efficiencies.

The advances we’ve made with silver-zinc battery technology can reshape the way you think about product design and development. If you’d like to learn more about how we can partner to power your wearable device, get in touch.