How Riot Energy Silver-Zinc Button Cell Batteries are Made

Great attention to detail is taken to manufacture our high-quality batteries.
The button cell manufacturing line in Camarillo, California.

Riot Energy silver-zinc button cell batteries are made in our manufacturing facility in Camarillo, California. As this video outlines, great attention to detail is taken to ensure the cathode, electrolyte, separators, and anode all come together to create a high-quality battery.


Quality is extremely important at Riot Energy. The voltage, height, weight, barcode, and lot number of each battery is recorded for traceability and quality control purposes. The production lines will automatically reject a cell if it does not meet predetermined specifications or if all the data is not collected properly.

Our button cell battery is ideal for small applications that require a high-energy, safe power source, such as smart pills, hearing aids, and wearable medical sensors. Contact us to partner on your next project.