Hassle-free logistics with silver-zinc batteries

Riot Energy silver-zinc batteries are not restricted from any mode of transportation.

Riot Energy silver-zinc batteries are safe with no threat of thermal runaway or fire. They are treated and handled the same as other common alkaline batteries.

Due to our safe chemistry, Riot Energy silver-zinc batteries do not need to be restricted from any mode of transportation. In contrast, most Li-ion cells are categorized as Class 9 dangerous goods and are restricted to cargo airlines for bulk shipments. Also, the state-of-charge (SOC) of shipped Li-ion cells is now required to be less than 30%. This can be a big drawback for consumer and other applications where there is a long delay between the production date and the day of first use. Parasitic current drains can take depleted batteries into an overdischarged or zero voltage state resulting in either poor or non-functioning products out of the box. Conversely, silver-zinc cells can be shipped at 100% SOC and not under a Class 9 designation which reduces both risk and cost, respectively.

Consider using Riot Energy batteries to eliminate the logistics hassles that Li-ion cells can cause in your supply chain. Contact us to learn more.